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About Us


Established 2017 – India.


Natural therapies by far have the largest share in alternative treatment modality than any other form of treatment combined. These primarily include ancient medical systems like Ayurveda Treatment, Unani, Yoga etc. The vast popularity of such systems derive from the fact that these forms of treatment are without any known side effect and provide lasting solution by addressing the root cause of the ailments.

The tremendous success achieved by these natural treatment methodologies prompted by AYURJYOTI WELLNESS AYURVEDA to formulate a unique combination of Fundamentals of Ayurveda Treatment. Thus AYURJYOTI WELLNESS AYURVEDA has been the pioneer in providing these natural therapies in the most scientific and patient-compatible manner for implementing complete health solution without any harmful effect. The aforementioned unique method of treatment is popularly known as Ayurveda Treatment or Herbal Treatment.
AYURJYOTI WELLNESS AYURVEDA Treatment has created a new dimension in the field of Health and Wellness. People suffering from Anorectal Disorders, Joint Pain, Sexual Inefficiencies, Type-2 Diabetes, Skin Ailments, Cancers and many other chronic diseases flock to AYURJYOTI WELLNESS AYURVEDA every day. Both men and women have reposed their faith in us.
Improving our facilities to provide more efficient service has been our hallmark. To fulfill this mission, our dedicated team of R & D experts, along with highly qualified and experienced medical professionals are consistently innovating our Ayurveda Treatment procedure through exhaustive study of the Ayurvedic Shastra. As a result, large number of people from India and abroad are availing immense benefits from this safe and highly successful treatment methodology. It is our pleasure to bring smiles on the faces of sufferers who had lost hope of getting remedy for their ailments.

We Bring Authentic Ayurveda Treatments Right at Your Doorstep

AYURJYOTI WELLNESS AYURVEDA was founded with a vision to spread the reach and acceptability of traditional Ayurvedic medicines. We have worked very hard to take the Ayurvedic medicines and Unani medicine to every doorstep. Our unique Medicine Center caters to the needs of a vast majority of patients from various cities in India and abroad. Our doctors take hundreds of online and offline consultations on a daily basis from patients of all age group. We have an exceptional track record of treating some of the most chronic and difficult to treat medical conditions like arthritis, diabetes, kidney failure, psoriasis, leucoderma, piles, obesity, skin problems and sexual dysfunctions, etc. which have no satisfactory and permanent cure in the modern medical science. Today as one of the most trusted Ayurvedic Center in India, we have our customer base in more than 20 countries.

We Are Your Number One Choice
For Authentic Ayurveda Treatment and Ayurvedic Medicines

At AYURJYOTI WELLNESS AYURVEDA we provide a much more advanced form of AyurvedaTreatment. Our treatments are laser targeted towards the individual needs of our patients. Our herbs and medicines are sourced direct from Himalayas and the way we process our herbs and ayurveda treatment with our proprietary procedures is still unparalleled in the industry.
No matter if you have a chronic health problem or lifestyle disease or your body needs detoxification, you need to look no further. We have the answer to all your health care needs. Our ayurveda treatments have benefited countless patients suffering from arthritis, migraine, diabetes, sexual dysfunctions, obesity, skin problems, anxiety and depression.

To be the world’s leading healthcare organisation specialized in natural medical sciences of Ayurveda.

To serve mankind with utmost devotion, care and compassion by providing absolutely safe and highly effective treatment.

To deliver excellent standards of medical service by utilizing the Fundamentals of Ayurveda in the most affordable and completely scientific manner.

Where Else Do You Get A Personal Attention and a Customized Ayurveda Treatment?

Our treatments are 100% customized to suit your individual needs. From online consulting and suggesting you a treatment to regular follow ups by Ayurvedic doctor we always take a personal approach to every individual case. Every consultation we get is deeply analyzed, researched and reviewed by our experienced doctors to omit chances of even the slightest error. With AYURJYOTI WELLNESS AYURVEDA you can be sure of getting the best possible advice and treatment for you or your loved ones.

Over 95% of our patients say they would recommend our services to others. Over 98% of our patients said they would definitely come to us again if they had a health issue in future.

“Has been awarded with the many prestigious International awards for his contribution and services to the mankind.”

Dr. Somokirti Ghoshal – BAMS (HU)
Founder Cum Designated Partner

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