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Who is the greatest healer?

Undoubtedly, the body is the greatest healer. No medicine or treatment can heal the body. If given time and space, our body knows how to heal and cure itself. Medicines and procedures only assist in creating the right environment for the body to repair itself.

What causes diseases as per Ayurveda?

Diseases are caused due to the toxin build-up in the body due to bad lifestyle and unwholesome food habits. The impact of toxins becomes stronger over a period of time and manifests as a disease. If there is a genetic predisposition then the impact of the toxin build-up becomes even more severe.

What is the methodology in Ayurveda Treatment?

During Ayurveda treatment, the primary focus is to eliminate the toxins through the various orifices of the body. The elimination process is given a lot of importance in Ayurveda. Once that is done, generally an improvement in symptoms is felt. In the second stage ayurvedic medicines are prescribed to help in building up the immunity power of the body. Finally Ayurveda insists on a wholesome lifestyle which will prevent a recurrence of the disease.